Colorful, that’s me


Others make our life colorful again.


Anna loves colors and therefor she doesn’t fit into the perfect gray world she lives in. As she is send to the principal yet again for her noticeable individualism her mother offers her a solution: adaptation. But Anna can just be happy when she is herself.


Clear Signs


A relationship ends. Stina and Stefan always got along even without words, but something was off in the last time.


But as the deaf women decides to separate, she did not know, what she got herself into.


She has to fight for her freedom and life, after discovering unknown deepths in her partner.


He can and will not let her go.

Lies and Emptiness


The last way out: Therapy. Tobias tries to get over his depression with his therapist. Without opening up he wants the ultimate solution for all of his problems.


A black sea in the dark.

Lone Valley


M. is alone on earth. One morning all humans disappeared. There are no zombies or mutants, everything is still the same, just without humans.


He gets along just fine with his lonley life, even more, he loves it.