I am NIKLAS BAUER and I make films.


Even though I am not reinventing the media I still want to make a change.

During my six years of acting and my still ongoing time as a filmmaker I gained experience in life and the business.


Now my time has come to create and to entrench myself.


And that I want to do by using a new kind of film.




Biography (Excerpt):


2012 - "Lone Valley" (Kurzfilm)

Bester Kurzfilm (2014) Bandsalat Filmwettbewerb

Teilnahme (2016) Créajeune

2014 - "Wishing my life away" (Musikvideo) One Way Ticket

2014 - Produktionsassistenz Magerita Jemanos "Otto"

2014 - Produktionsassistenz Jan Speckenbach "Vom Verschwinden"

2015 - "Broken Dreams" (Musikvideo) One Way Ticket

2015 - "Exdrummer" (Musikvideo) Sine

2016 - 2. Regieassistenz SR Tatort

2016 - 1. Regieassistenz ARD Kinderkurzfilm "Flaschendrehen"

2017 - Regie & Buch "Bunt, bunt, bunt" (Kinderkurzfilm)