Mission & Aims

There is a lot wrong in today’s film business. It’s not about the content’s quality or the lack of innovation in most of Hollywood’s Blockbusters

I am talking about the business itself.

Women earn less than men. Humans with other ethnicities are show less often as main characters, same as other sexualities. Unless the film focusses on this characteristic.

A homosexual needs to fight against discrimination or is a stereotype.


I want to break with this. My aim is the “inclusion film”.


What does inclusion film mean?


It’s not a new genre which we need to get used to. It can be a part of every already existing genre. Neither is it a new invention I made and still too few directors seem to care for the matter.


A film with a realistic relation between ethnicities, others and the “normalos”. If we think about it: How many people do you know, that are not the typical tall, white, brown haired, blue eyed man?


We all are part of the same society and we all are normal parts of it.


I want to make films in which every human is part of the same society.


Not every Afro-American is discriminated against, neither is every homosexual.


We all have problems, which are not tied to our characteristics. I want to make films in which everyone and everything is normal in the way, that is normal for them.